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Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes - Cate Ashwood So...This was good...but this was not great.  So what was missing and what didn't work for me...hmmmm??

I loved both characters honestly...they start off on the wrong foot for sure but honestly this animocity between them was resolved WAAAAAAAYYYY too quickly.  The first almost kiss and first sexual experience between them was hot!  But then we were all lovey dovey.  What???  I want more angst, more sexual tension, more buildup...dammit I want a throw down in the barrel room!!!

Speaking of which, the winery and vineyard setting was really underutilized.  Bummer Bummer Bummer...I mean don't tell me I get a vineyard setting and then not utilize it.  Sex in the fields...nope.  Again a damn shame.

The ending drug out a bit for me as well.  There are a few time jumps (a few months here and there) and some of this really didn't work for me.  I felt things were missing and other things that seemed to be an issue (ie West's Business) were just not all that believeable.

Overall, this was fine and sweet with absolutely ZERO angst.  So for a rainy day sick in bed, this worked for me, but boy did I want more.


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An MM set in a Vineyard? Oh...