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Murder on the Mountain

Murder on the Mountain - Jamie Fessenden 4.5 Stars

So it was real life, including a kid with the flu, that prevented me from inhaling this in one sitting or at least finishing it along side my BR ladies...Elsbeth, Momo and Marte.

And I think the ladies are with me that this one is all Marco's doing...as it was his review that had us chomping at the bit to read this.  So...if his review doesn't make you want to read this then I doubt anything I say will convince you otherwise.

I enjoy a mystery but what I love more is when I don't figure out the "who dun it" until it smacks me in the face!!

Yep and this did just that to me!!  I was constantly leaning towards different suspects, any of which were fucked up enough to do this.  And was I surprised...yes!

In addition to the mystery we get a lovely romance that honestly provided just the right blend of lovin' with intrigue. In a book like this, the romance does not need to be center stage.  But I tell you what..I ate this relationship up!  It was lovely and sweet with just some innocent exploration and discovery that was totally hot!

I certainly hope more is in the works, as I am already anxiously awaiting another smack in the face and further lovin' from these two!!

Status Updates:

Finally starting!!

And where was his backpack? Even if he’d left most of his gear back at a campsite somewhere, he seemed poorly dressed for the weather. He might have been an idiot, of course. They weren’t unheard of.

Well, so much for sobbing like a girl over Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana. God, what the guys in the department would think if they found out what Kyle did for fun.


“Jesus, kid! What are you trying to do? Get yourself arrested?” Dubois sighed and reached for another chili fry. “I don’t consider you a suspect. If I did, I wouldn’t be having lunch with you, and I sure as hell wouldn’t be telling you anything about my private life. If it gets you all hot and bothered, I’ll concede that you’re a person of interest.”
Why do you want me all hot and bothered? Jesse wondered.

I could have quoted the shit out of this phone conversation between Jesse and his dad! ❤️❤️❤️

He might like the idea of playing detective, but that didn’t mean he’d be willing to pull a TV detective show maneuver like dressing up as housekeeping or room service to get access to someone’s room.
Oh come on Jesse...be willing. :)

Jesse was struggling not to let his expression convey what a pig he thought Todd was.
Oh don't worry Jesse, I have the same expression on my face.

He’d had no idea how many naked men he’d be seeing when he checked into this hotel. He wondered if it was a perk included in the price of the room. He’d have to check the receipt when he left.

“Am I just going to have to get used to the idea that you flirt with everybody?”
“Well… maybe,” Jesse confessed. “But flirting isn’t the same as fucking. I know the difference. I won’t be unfaithful to you.”
Good boy!!

He kept insisting I was the one he loved—this was just for fun. And then he started fucking her. And then suddenly he was marrying her….”
This was the first hint that Stuart hadn’t been a complete angel.
There is also not an angel in this entire bunch of suspects. Geez.

Lordie...these suspects are all fucked up.

But when Jesse moved to take off his shirt, Kyle stopped him. “Please, let me do it. I know this is going to sound a little weird, but… I’ve only ever slept with women. Your body is completely uncharted territory for me.”
“You’ve got your own,” Jesse teased.
“I’m bored with mine. I want to explore yours—every bit of it. And I want to take my time.”
“I’m all yours.”
Love these two! <3<br/>
"Come on. You'll love it. We're gonna play a game!"
Oh shit.

I'm so uncomfortable...