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A Clean Break

A Clean Break - Keira Andrews

I am a mess...yes, that was a rough journey but now that I see the end, it was truly and honestly brilliant. My heart hurt...my chest hurt...I couldn't breath and you know what...it was exactly what our sweet David was feeling.  We took that journey with him and as hard as it was to endure it made what happens in book 3 all the better.

I will eventually put real thoughts down on this one...for now this will just have to do.


NTP at 63%/Start of Chapter 12

***NTP = Need To Pause***

As much as I hate to do this I need to set this book aside until the 3rd book is closer to being released. 

Only days before this book was released did I even realize that this would be a trilogy. I should have waited…I should have told myself this is a middle book…it will not be easy, but I did not.

As with Book 1, this book is beautiful.  The love between these two characters to so heartfelt and wonderful…

…and their discovery of the world around them is funny and eye opening….from buying underwear to seeing gay couples kiss in public.

But it is also difficult.  The emotional anxieties being described through David’s POV are heartbreaking and his struggles with guilt over leaving his family are not easy to read.

I know there is a HEA waiting for them and I know they will be ok. I KNOW IT.  But I need to hold off on continuing this experience until I can read the rest without months of waiting.  


Status Updates:

page 1
It's 2:45 am... Just a few chapters.

page 15
As the Greyhound had pulled up in the bitter January wind, June had held him close and said she loved him. He'd never heard his parents say that to him or any of his siblings in all these years. It just wasn't their way to talk of such things.
No! No! No! No! No!

page 27

page 48
"No secret Amish German. Uh, not that I want to stifle your heritage. But no making rude comments about me. I demand all rude comments be in English so I can respond appropriately." - Jen
God, I love this woman!

page 54
David could well imagine how weird it all must seem to outsiders. As a child, any questions of why were answered by quoting the Ordnung, or a simple: Because it's our way. He'd once asked Father why God cared about the width of their hat brims, and had persisted until Father gave him a lash with the buggy whip. He'd never questioned out loud at home again.
*shakes head*

page 64
"First things first. Boxers or briefs? ... Or boxer briefs?"
Damn...decisions decisions...

page 93
David couldn't imagine a life of not being afraid.

page 114
Jesus...I know that was an important conversation to have but I feel a little sick to my stomach at even them discussing an open relationship and use of condoms.

page 131
"David, I was never able to have children of my own. It was a terrible loss that brought you to my doorstep, but I thank God every day for the blessing of having you in my life." -June

page 162
David swirled the straw around his glass, images of Isaac taking over his thoughts. The brightness of his smile, and the way his eyes went dark with passion. The sweetness of his kisses, and how his laughter and cries of pleasure had echoed in the rafters of the barn. All the rules in the world couldn’t have stopped him and Isaac from loving each other. It was so much more than a rumspringa.

“It’s a big transition moving away from a place so different and coming to the city. It’s a lot for anyone to handle, and it’s okay if you’re overwhelmed. It’s okay to need help, David. You don’t have to have all the answers.”

Quite possibly one of the most difficult and painful books I've read. I love these boys.