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Lovelorn: Episode Six

Lovelorn: Episode Six - Nicholas Bella 2,5 stars

OK...so this one was a little off track. Honestly this should be numbered #5.5 as it really is not a continuation of the Demon Gates Series but a side story with our main characters set on Valentine's Day.  Written for the Hearts Afire Anthology, the entire first 25% is essentially a recap of the story thus far. I mean I get it, but as the disclaimer states, unless you have read the series, you really need to not read this.  But alas, this entire opening was written for those who know nothing about this story.  BORING!!!

Then the "plot".  Well as my 50% update states, I was still bored...then...

Yeah...I was knocked for a loop and did not see that coming at all.  So yeah, it picked up.  And with Raphael in a hot pair of jeans and an impromptu trip to Italy, we finally get to the goods.

But honestly...this one fell flat and even their hot asses couldn't pick it up enough to make this one work for me.

I'll be ready for a real installment as our plot and swoonworthy moments between these two men continue.


Bella has a cover!!!!!!!


Hoping this gets a cover and a separate option to purchase outside this Anthology, but regardless I am happy to support the cause.

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When I discovered how that demon fed, I was thoroughly grossed out. It fucked its victim first, somehow forcing secretions into the vagina or anus, then waited for its special sauce to melt the person’s organs away while they were still alive, suffering the entire time.




I'm alert now!!! Did not see that coming AT ALL!!!