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Mischief: Episode Three

Mischief: Episode Three - Nicholas Bella

I’m utterly speechless at this point.  Yep…

I continue to be absolutely amazed at the mind of Nicholas Bella.  He is just one crazy ass genius.  I mean seriously people.  I have never read anything as fucked up as the shit that is on these pages and...

Never once have I been bored or felt scenes are being repeated...I mean how does he come up with this stuff??  

This series continues to develop in just an unbelievable way.  Brian is getting himself into some VERY sticky situations and the dynamics between these men is just…wow!! 

I can’t imagine a better person to be on this ride with.  Elsbeth, honey…

Yes…you will find us in the Bellaholic Support Group until we get our next fix.  FFS…we have now read everything and the torturous wait begins for more installments of this brilliance.  Nicholas… 


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Good lord.


“Torment can come in many forms. There’s pain… the kind you feel when a whip shreds your flesh to bits and pieces. Then there’s the agony of need; the need to feel pleasure reach its potential.”