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Initiated: Episode Two

Initiated: Episode Two - Nicholas Bella
4,5 stars

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I opened the door and saw him sitting casually in the chair by the window with his arms resting lightly on the armrests. He wore a crisp white business shirt, which was open, exposing his sculptured chest, and he was in a pair of black dress pants, unbuttoned and revealing a little bit of his blonde pubic hair. The vision of him partially dressed sent signals to my cock that it was time for action. My desire for him flared like an inferno and I had to hold on to the doorframe to keep from swooning. The thing inside me was definitely attracted to what was inside of him and I felt like we were just the vehicles at this point.
Oh my...


My body craved his touch, his chest pressed against my back as he worked his stroke. He reached up, sliding his fingers between mine as he ground against me. I was completely gone as he made love to me, lost in the sensation because it felt amazing. It made all of the sex I’d ever had in my life seem pale by comparison.


“Hello, Mr. Cordero. My name is Mr. Cassiel."


“He’s not my boyfriend,” I stated.
"I’m his Master,” Adriel proclaimed.
Both my head and Melissa’s turned to him in shock. I can’t believe he said that shit out loud with her standing there. She turned back to me, smirking.
"Well, you’re not denying that, so I’ll just leave it alone,” Melissa said. “He’s gorgeous, so I can’t blame you.”