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Test of Endurance

Test of Endurance - Kora Knight So yeah...this still applies...

But this go around we got so much more...*salivates*  The emotional connection developing between these two is just...

I read this without posting my thoughts...so I thought I would just include my updates as my review...

Without warning, Scott's smooth cheek pressed against his.  "I like making you feel good, Tad."  His thumbs stroked lazily over Tad's nipples.  Back and forth, back and forth, slow and easy.
Tad's thick pecs bunched and twitched in response.  "I know," he exhales on a short shallow breath.  Because he did know.  The last time they'd been together, and hell, even now, Scott's efforts to make him melt were blantantly obvious.


GAAAWD...I love that word!!

"But I really don't want this to end." ... "Don't ever want you to end."

...and now a kiss was too much? 
Ah, but in a backward way, it really kind of was.  At least to him.  Because the way he saw it, a kiss meant more than spontaneous sex, especially by two horny males. A kiss confessed an emotional connection, a desire that encompassed more than skin-deep lust.

Tempted to accept, Tad met his eyes.  As always, they held the craziest warmth, so peaceful and yet so intense.  God, they made it hard to look away.

I need #3...and hope for eye contact and kissing...we get that and...