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House of Theoden: Season Two Complete Boxset

House of Theoden: Season Two Complete Boxset - Nicholas Bella

No further comments necessary. Well...except one on my casting of Derek :)


Original review:
Ok, so I have gotten myself into a predicament…call it the affects of an addiction.  I rated Season One of this Series **5 Stars** and yes it is quite a ride and there were limits pushed no doubt (See my review here.) but to now be through Season Two…I am left with giving this Season the same **5 Star** rating…BUT BUT BUT…this season is far superior on many levels.  GAAAHHHH…I am a mess and could easily start this Season over right now.

We get Theoden’s POV…ok that alone deserves the 5 stars.  This badass fucker…lord.  I loved getting into this bastard’s head. We get interactions with his superiors, his brothers and more on how he truly feels about his sons.  He is protective, guarded and yet embraces his family in a way that is just brilliant.    

Noel is growing as a vampire, learning more about this new life, new family and his position.  He wants to impress, he wants to lead and he wants to train in a way that equally proves he belongs.  And he does so spectacularly. 

We get more on several of our dear brothers and yes as I have stated, Marco is growing on me.  What a dickhead though.  But I get him, I understand him more and how the results of his training could impact him.  He wants results, he wants obedience and he is not about to be challenged. 

And yet my favorite of the bunch is Derek.  I adore this character and want more with him and Noel.

Now the “feeding” this go around has reduced somewhat for more plot development, but wow, we still get some arousing scenes with some quite impressive beings….be it vampires, werewolves, dragons or mixed breeds.

So what’s next…well from what I can tell the “lessons” are about to get all the more interesting as we are about to experience the “training” of two very intriguing and stubborn characters as they submit to their new future.  Because as Theoden states…

A true warrior never succumbs without a fight.

And yeah…I get that we can’t have a true romance or love in this story but I am holding out hope for one scene *crosses fingers* <spoiler>We know that Theoden is particular about who he bottoms for and of all his sons has only bottomed for Marco…is it too much to ask for Noel to be given this honor?? *fans self* </spoiler>

And finally…my casting thus far.  Honestly, as much as I love many of these characters, visualizing them has been a challenge…except of course these three.  It is not only about how they look, but their attitude and demeanor. 

Noel – I stumbled upon Kostas Martakis quite by accident but this guy for me is the perfect Noel.  Beautiful eyes with an innocence at times that so works for Noel.  And yet, he is strong willed.  Noel is embracing his position in this family so fantastically…earning not only the respect of his brothers, but of his father.


Theoden – David Gandy for me is the absolute perfect Theoden.  He has strong features and can be fierce while at other times gentle.  Plus this guy can where the fuck out of a suit.


Romeo – Kellan Lutz was my immediate vision when Noel first came upon Romeo.  He has a charming boy next door look about him and yet he is not about to back down or beg for his life.  While he has difficulty making the kill, he is quick to know is place and yet strong enough to carry his own weight. He is the perfect son for our dear Noel.

This Series continues to amaze me. I am not sure I will ever read anything that comes close to the world created here.  I eagerly await Season Three as my addiction continues.  

Original Review add:  WOW...just saw this and all I see is Derek - Attila Toth. *melts* - reread add: Well I do have to add this comment after being enlightened...this character is black...lol. Oh well, cover this beauty in chocolate then. :P

Oh my!  Donovan...Rob Wilson

See below for additional updates.

(Oh and thanks to my friend Marco for enabling this addiction...can't wait for him to get his first fix.)

Reading Updates:


“Your life is what I’ll make of it,” I told him. Fucking humans think that because they can speak our language and that they look like we do, that they have a right to life. What mercy did they show the chicken whose neck they twisted and snapped for the sake of their hot wings? What sympathy did they give the animals they slaughtered for their exotic cuisines and jewelry? What about the countless animals killed for the sake of sport, whose heads they mounted on their walls as trophies? Yet they always think that they deserve compassion from us, from their betters. This human has the unmitigated audacity to plead with me for his worthless life! We are the hunters and they are the prey. -Theoden


Yeah, sue me. But he's all I picture now as Theoden. Gaaahhh.


“I’m sorry,” I said, then grabbed what was left of his hair and yanked his head back, exposing his throat. I sank my fangs and he screamed and tried to struggle… at first. But as I fed on his delicious blood, he melted right into my embrace, moaning and whimpering well into his climax. I was completely unaware of what was going on around me. The screams, the glass breaking, bodies smashing into furniture, all of it faded as the delicious blood flowed into me, satisfying my hunger.
This just gets better and better.


The store rep came back into the room with the receipt for Marco to sign. He handed it to him, then took a step back. Marco looked it over and smirked. “Yeah, you had fun, but I don’t see one pair of black leather thongs or jock straps on this receipt.” He looked up at me and tisked as he shook his head. “That’s alright, we’ll order you some nice leather and vinyl gear when we get home.” He signed the receipt.
Marco, you are something else. I think I may like you after all, you sick fuck.


Derek climbed into bed and crawled up beside Théoden and laid down. He wrapped his arm around Théoden’s waist and snuggled up against his back. I knew my place and I crawled in and settled next to Théoden, letting him wrap his arm around me. I felt it, our connection. I had been feeling it every time, but only now did it become more apparent. Maybe because now it made sense. I also realized I liked the feeling of him being beside me, sheltering me, desiring me. This is my life.


One of them walked up to us. He was tall, as tall as Marco and just as wide and pumped full of muscles and testosterone. His head was bald and tattooed with flames. His nose was pierced and his impressive muscular arms were also covered in tattoos. He wore a red, short sleeve pull over and black jeans and boots. He was hot and I couldn’t help but wonder what he looked like naked. Just how many tattoos and piercings did he have?
The first werewolf makes his appearance. ;)




“I must stress he is not to be harmed in any way,” I warned. -Theoden
Oh this could be my favorite exchange thus far. I am more than a little mesmerized by this character.


“By the way, don’t get any ideas that you can fuck with Théoden. He will make you regret the thought, let alone any attempt you’d make to attack him in the first place.”
“My first week with Théoden taught me just how ridiculous the thought of attacking him is. He’d see me coming a mile away and kill me. I don’t want to die, so like I said, I know not to cross him,” I reiterated. I knew why Marco felt the need to restate his warning, but my days of rebelling against Théoden were over. That bastard had beaten me down to a pulp and reshaped me into the vampire he wanted me to be, just like he’d said he would.


“Very good, Noel. You’re making me proud every day,” Théoden said. “Now, what do you say?”
i turned to him, smiling and reeling in the bloodhaze. “Thank you for this gift, Father.”
He smiled. “You’re welcome.”


My Romeo


“I guess you’ll feed at my sanguinista tonight.”
“I’m happy about that, Sire,” he beamed.
I could have told him he’ll eat a rat for dinner and his sycophant ass would probably be just as excited. I liked vampires to be grateful for the gift of immortality, especially when it’s coming from me. However, Jonah’s behavior was rubbing me the wrong way. Maybe because he wouldn’t have ever been my choice had I not made the deal. I really did want Noel, otherwise I would have ripped Jonah’s neck out when he’d propositioned me.

Oh this makes me very happy.


Enter Elijah


I'm sorry to post again but this is too damn good...

“May I ask why me, Sir?”
“You’re the best cocksucker out of all my children,” Théoden said with a smirk as if he knew that was going to piss Donovan off.
It did. I could see the sneer on Donovan’s gorgeous face clear as day.
“Derek is the best, Sir” he protested.
“Derek is second best cocksucker, but he is the best bottom, I will admit. He knows how to work that sexy, bubbled ass of his.” Théoden actually laughed. That shocked me, I’ve rarely seen him laugh like that.
“I think he’s the best at sucking dick, too, Father.” Donovan was still arguing.
Théoden sighed as he looked at him. “Have you ever sucked your own cock, Donovan?”
“No, not that flexible, Father.”
“Well then… shut the fuck up,” Théoden snapped.

Theoden is just brilliant.


“Noel,” Théoden paused, giving me time to look up at him. “I want your eyes on me the entire time.”


“You’ll regret this,” Dante threatened.
"No. I won’t. Not ever. And let this be the last time you threaten me or any of the vampires in my House. The next time you try, I will cut out your tongue and shove it down your throat. Test me and see if I’m bluffing,” I warned.


He’ll submit to me because it will truly be in his blood. The ritual I’m going to put him through will bind him to me forever. My mate.
“You’re special to me, baby, that’s why you’re last,” I said.

2nd Read: 2015, December 15th


I forgot all about that scene with Bruce...


I stood up and turned around. “That was amazing.”
Ara chuckled and nodded. “It was, but I’m not done with you. We’ll continue this in my chambers. There’s some new toys I want to play with. By the time I’m fully satisfied, you’re going to need three enemas.”
“You say the sweetest things.” I smirked.

Done with Episode One:Commanded