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Submission - Nicholas Bella 4,5 stars

This one is sooooo awesome!  Knowing what's to come...what is said and what these characters mean to each other makes this reread all the better. Plus we get our full introduction to the beast...Marco. Noel and his POV continues to be brilliant. I love him. 

And I love my initial rambles. My name is Julie and yes I'm proud to be a Bellaholic. 

Original Review: 4 Stars

You may hate me for what I must do, and that is of no concern to me. I will mold you into a vampire that I can take pride in calling mine.

You will stand at my side, a perfect reflection of me… of who I am. When you walk the streets with my insignia in full view of all who gaze upon you, they will know that you were born from greatness. That superiority flows through your veins, that you are worthy.”

The pieces are all coming together and as crazy as fuck as this shit is, I am understanding.  But good lord...to say I am not scarred would be a lie.  

And while the content of this one was once again pushing my limits...it was easier to take for me than the 3rd Volume...so my rating went back up accordingly.  Onto #5...

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So yeah...I'm kinda addicted to this in a weird vampire attraction sense. I can't not look.


“Nothing you have or want is yours,” Théoden told me. “Your body, your emotions, your thoughts, all belong to me. I own you and until you earn the right to be your own man, you will bend to my will on all things. You will think only what I want you to think. Feel only what I want you to feel and behave the way I train you to behave, do you understand me?”


“Still disobeying me, I see. Do you still think you have choices, Noel? Your life is what I will make of it based on your actions. You obey, you’ll get rewarded. You disobey, you’ll get punished. Are you so stubborn that you’ll always choose the latter?”


My fangs slid into the wounds and the blood began to flow. Once that happened, nothing else mattered. Not Théoden, not Jonah, not the man who I fed from. This was everything. This moment, this union… it was heaven. It was peace, it was the greatest fuck and the best meal any starving man could have.


“He’s half-dragon, half-vampire and one hundred percent a bad ass motherfucker. He feeds off sex and blood. You’re a part of him now… just like us, and you’ll have to feed off cum and blood, just like you were told last night. You see, baby, you need us like we need you and we all belong to him. There’s no other way for us to survive, so stop fighting it.”
Awesome Awesome.