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The Station

The Station - Keira Andrews 4.5 Stars

Honestly I cannot believe it took me so long to pick this one up.

Not as good as Rumpringa or Semper Fi but still so wonderful. Loved the time period as well...forbidden and criminal...yes criminal love finding a way is intriguing and while the emotional walls of dear Patrick were hard for sweet Colin to tear down their journey found them just where they always wanted to be. Beautiful story.

In addition to the amazing men in this book, our fearless female rocked it for me...I adored her.


Status Updates:
"He’s a little devil, that one.” Patrick smiled, dimpling his cheek. “I should know. He reminds me of myself.”

Colin watched, utterly captivated. Yes, he desired Patrick greatly, but there was something else as well. Something that drew Colin unerringly to him as a compass needle to north. He admired Patrick’s confidence and skill. His physical prowess and the quiet way he could command attention. Patrick had always seemed larger than life compared to everyone else Colin knew.


Oh my! Thank God THAT did not happen.

“It’s not too late. To make something of your life. And to…find someone. Someone who’ll love you as you deserve.”
Patrick shook his head. “One day you’ll learn, just as I did. Everyone lets you down sooner or later. There’s no love for our kind. We men take our pleasure and move on. If you want sonnets and rose petals, you’d better find yourself a wife.”


"You need to repent. To atone for your sins. We all do.”
“A sin could never feel so natural. So right.”
“I know it may seem that way, but trust me, you must seek a righteous path. I fear for your soul, Colin. You’re so much better than the rest of these men. You’re special.”
"I do seek my path, Richard. But I don’t think I shall find you on it. I don’t want to change the man I am. I want to discover him.”

Patrick caught his wrists and leaned down to kiss him. “Relax.”
Colin shook his head, and Patrick kissed him again. “I don’t want to hurt you.”
“I don’t care.”
In the moonlight, Patrick gazed down intently, brushing Colin’s growing hair back from his forehead. “I do.”

When Emily emerged from the back of the wagon, all three men stared, unable to mask their surprise. Colin had expected her to be outfitted in a fancy dress, but instead she wore men’s clothing. Instead of her usual wide-brimmed sunbonnet, her hair was tucked up beneath an oiled leather hat. Her canvas trousers were cinched tightly with a knotted belt, and a too-big shirt was tucked in.
I love this woman. ❤️

Patrick...you are breaking my heart.

Good for you, Colin!

“It’s a fairy tale. Love is an illusion. It cracks and fades and turns to dust. I learned that long ago. Should never have forgotten it.”

Yeah...didn't see this coming at all...