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Warrior's Cross

Warrior's Cross - Madeleine Urban gawwd....I loved this!!


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Damn...5% in and you could cut it with a knife. Phew!

"Thank you," Julian said to him, the soft words and intent look in his eyes making Cameron feel like the only person Julian saw at that moment was him.
Holy hotness!


"Thank you," Julian said to him. He opened his mouth to say more, but closed it again without saying anything. He tilted his head to the side and gave a small, almost embarrassed smile as he wrapped the scarf around his neck. It occurred to Cameron that Julian often dipped his head to one side or the other, or even ducked his chin as he spoke, and it was clearly because he was so tall. It was the only way to keep eye contact with someone so much shorter than he.

And this sexy bastard does this a lot but I just cannot find the right image...he works though for me as Julian...age or not.

I know this is long...sorry...but it's just too good.
“You didn’t think I’d come back?” Julian asked in a hurt voice.
“I don’t know you,” Cameron answered defensively. “Not really. And for the most part, anybody I get involved with isn’t interested in sticking around,” he added.
Julian stared at him in open shock. “Then you’ve been fucking the wrong people,” he finally said with absolute certainty.
Cameron’s head snapped up, and he boggled. “I have?” he said, voice cracking a little.
“Of course,” Julian responded with a nod of his head. “Someone would have to be out of their mind not to come back to you. I walked through a blizzard to get here.”
Cameron met Julian’s eyes. “I’ve never met anyone like you before,” he said in quiet amazement. “You make me feel…”
Julian raised an eyebrow and rubbed his chest distractedly, waiting.
“Special,” Cameron supplied, barely audible. “Wanted.”
Julian grinned widely. “Good,” he said matter-of-factly.

When Cameron slid his hand into Julian's, he knew this was only the beginning of what was sure to be a hell of a roller-coaster ride.

Damn...Julian might in fact be the bad guy here...but don't bad guys need to be loved too? *swooning*

Reaching out to grab Julian’s arm, Cameron practically yanked him inside the apartment so he could shut and lock the door behind them. Then he turned and threw his arms around Julian’s neck, hugging him close without saying a word.
Yeah...I'm melting into the floor.

“I… I don’t belong here,” he whispered, feeling very uncomfortable.
"Does it matter to you that I love you?” Julian asked as he looked away and up at the house.
Cameron stared at Julian, wishing he could see his lover’s eyes.
"It’s the most precious thing in my world,” he answered brokenly.
“Then why can’t you believe the same of me?” Julian asked softly.

“Anything I can do to help?” he asked after he was sure he could form the words.
“No,” Julian groaned. “My arm hurts. My leg hurts. My head hurts. My ass hurts,” he rattled off in complaint as he fussed with his pillow and wallowed miserably.
Shaking his head tolerantly, Cameron reached out to comb his fingers through Julian’s hair. “Poor baby. Your ass hurts, and I didn’t even get to contribute.”


After they were gone, Cameron could still hear Julian’s voice echoing in his head, this time speaking tender words he’d once spoken; could still smell him, even if it was just his imagination. And all his reasons for driving Julian away seemed all of a sudden so useless and silly. Closing his eyes, Cameron sighed shakily, trying to convince himself that he hadn’t made a mistake.

“If I’m killed,” Julian murmured, “you have to take care of Smith and Wesson.”
Preston blinked rapidly, pressing his lips together to try to repress any emotion he might have wanted to display at the thought of taking on the care of Julian’s two cats. Finally, he looked down at the table and frowned. “Could I just throw myself into the coffin with you instead?” he asked hopefully.
Julian smiled and shook his head.
I love Preston. ❤️

Cameron was struck speechless by the mixture of defeat and longing and fear in the black depths of Julian’s eyes. His heart broke with an almost physical pain as he realized what he had truly done to the man, a man who had once been so magnificent. It had never been Julian who’d been capable of breaking anything in their relationship, Cameron realized. He’d had all the power all along.
I am so in love with this book!! *sigh*

Status Updates (Read #2):

"CAM? He's back."

Julian...is that you??
Yeah, I can't help myself.

"So if I were to leave, you could, in theory, meet me in the lobby in fifteen minutes."
"In theory."
"I'll wait twenty."
Julian...you sexy bastard. ❤️❤️

"You look at me like there's nothing else in the world." -Cameron

Julian opened the bathroom door and leaned against the frame as he wiped his hair with a towel. He stopped, tilted his head, and watched Cameron for a long moment. “Merry Christmas,” he finally offered in a soft, hoarse voice.

"What is it that you want so badly?”
“I want to know you,” Cameron answered, a little desperation in his voice. “I want to know you,” he whispered as the upset choked him and threatened to spill over.
Julian’s expression softened, and he moved the two steps to close his arms around Cameron and pull him close. Cameron clutched at his arms with trembling hands as his heart pounded with fear—fear that the time had come and Julian would put him aside.
But the large arms surrounding him didn’t move, and then he felt Julian press a kiss to the side of his head. Cameron closed his eyes and held on tight. “I love you, Julian,” he said clearly.
“I know.”