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A Younger Man

A Younger Man - Cameron Dane 4.5 Stars

So…that was really not what I expected at all.  I don’t know…maybe I didn’t expect so much heart? So much emotional connection? But…

WOW!!  (Yeah that gif has absolutely nothing to do with this book…but again WOW!!)

Now seriously…this book took hold of me from the start. I was completely drawn into the lives of these two men as they underwent their sexual awakening and amazingly written discovery of one another.  Yeah there is a 20 year age gap between these men, but never once did that truly matter.  They were all together perfect in every way. 

Phew…and the build up…my god…if there is one thing I hate more than anything it is two people jumping in bed together on page 10.  I mean, can I get to know you first before you start with the dirty talk?? 

And speaking of dirty talk…when these two FINALLY get there…it is beyond hot. Lord…

Now I have to admit…I am not much into the whole food kink but the infamous carrot scene was not bad.  And honestly the number of sex scenes was far less than I expected.  But they were lengthy.  Lord Noah has some stamina…I’ll give him that.  It could have been reduced some in my opinion…but again…their connection and the feelings building inside each one of them was so heartfelt that you just totally understood why they could not get enough of one another.

And another plus…this book has very little angst…yeah there’s the token asshole and a bitch rears her head but overall these parts of the book played themselves out quite well.  I loved all the kids, the side characters, the parents but most of all I loved the relationship between Noah and his ex-wife, Janice.  Their understanding and acceptance of one another, how they handle their new relationships, their interaction with their children and their continued love and devotion for one another was perfectly done.

Highly Recommended.

My Zane

My Noah

Status Updates:

“Why would you do that for me?”
Swirls of too many very readable emotions—uncertainty, fear, suspicion, and good Christ, hints of what looked like desperate hope—created layers and layers of unmatched color in Zane’s stare, exposing a very human vulnerability he probably didn’t understand showed so clearly in his eyes.

Going quiet, Noah took another step in, and he curled his hand around Zane’s nape. As his stare caught Zane’s, he moved his fingers, and the rough skin of his thumb scraped against Zane’s Adam’s apple. Zane’s breath caught in response, and a little shiver rolled through him. Noah immediately narrowed his stare, muttered a curse, and backed away.

Sweet lord..

“Sorry, Dad.” Shock of all shocks, Matt scooted closer and rubbed shoulders with Noah, instigating closeness in a way teenage boys rarely did. “I like this girl at school, but she only wants to hang out with this boy who is already practicing with the high school basketball team, so I know how you feel.”
So sweet. ❤️

As for the sense of loss that swept through Noah when Zane hit the ground and severed their brief handhold … well, Noah would keep the touching between them to a minimum. When that couldn’t be avoided, he would ignore the insanely perfect sensation that rolled through him whenever their skin had reason to come into contact.

Even tired, he’s so fucking beautiful. Noah’s fingers tingled with his need to touch, as if just by putting his hands on the man, and letting himself feel everything so very alive inside him—a new spark that existed because of Zane—he could draw the tiredness out of Zane. But you can’t; so stop wanting it already.

“No. Goddamn. Way.” Noah’s denial cut across the evening sky. His tone, something filled with rust and ice, overpowered the other two trying to speak. “You have your issues with me, Dad, and that is fine. But you do not get to come to my home and disrespect someone I consider a friend. You don’t get to trash him or his siblings. You do not get to tell me what my kids can and cannot see with me, in relation to any man. That is between me and Janice and whoever I happen to be dating. That is something I have and will continue to talk to my children about, and I will always gauge their level of comfort before I make a move. If you can’t look at me and still see the boy you raised, and the man you have said many times you respected, then maybe you aren’t the man I idolized and wanted to be like from the moment I was born. And if that is the case,” visibly running out of steam, Noah’s voice cracked, “then I’m more heartbroken over losing who I thought you were than you could ever be over learning that I’m gay.”

Zane rushed forward and slammed his hand over Noah’s mouth. His stare, so very steady, bore a hole through Noah, straight to his heart. As Zane let go, he curled his hand around Noah’s nape and drew him down. “Cross the line, Noah. I want you to.” He lifted to his toes, pressed their foreheads together, and whispered against Noah’s lips, “Please.”

Good Lord. Zane swallowed thickly, and his legs went a little weak. If he stood here a second longer, he would run straight back to Noah and throw all his responsibilities out the window. “Sweet talker.” Zane spun away, unable to stand looking at Noah, all his gorgeous muscles, and his warm eyes a second longer.

“Nothing ever could have prepared me for you, Noah.”

The Motel Scene...

“I want to fall back to sleep looking at you.”
Zane didn’t say a word in response. Shifting to look toward the ceiling, he blinked a few times, then took Noah’s hand in his. After pressing a kiss to the center of the palm, Zane put Noah’s hand to rest against his cheek and held it there under the cover of his own. After making eye contact with Noah once more, Zane closed his eyes, proving just how tired he was, but he didn’t let Noah go. He held Noah’s hand trapped against his cheek. That was okay. Noah didn’t want Zane to release him. Not tonight.


“After we eat that delicious meal you prepare, I want to take you upstairs and spend one whole night in a comfortable bed with you. Even if we’re both too tired and we don’t do anything more than sleep,” new gruffness revealed the depth of Noah’s desire, “I want to hold you all night and see you in my bed the first thing when I wake up in the morning.”

The feel of Zane’s sweaty, hot body beneath Noah’s awakened another level of possessiveness in Noah: a marrow-deep need to feel the younger man next to him in bed—everywhere—all the time. Noah was a monogamous, commitment kind of guy, and every ounce of his body and soul wanted Zane to be his life partner in every way, for always.

Oh Aunt Patty...
I've been waiting for you to rear your head in this book.

“I thought I’d be terrified to tell you how much I love you, but in the heat of that moment the truth just flew out of me. Once it did, I wasn’t scared anymore. You’d said it too, and I knew you meant it, and it was exhilarating and liberating and insane. And like you always have a way of doing,” with a gentle hand around Noah’s neck, Zane drew Noah to his knees and pressed the sweetest kiss against his cheek, “the way you said it, the passion and conviction in you, made me feel so safe.”