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When I Grow Up (Tales from Foster High)

When I Grow Up (Tales from Foster High) - John  Goode 2.5 Stars

It’s been two months since I read this book.  I thought a lot about it, stewed over my feelings and frankly never wanted to mention I even read it to anyone.  But in the end it’s unfair for me to ignore this book…to not feel like I can put my thoughts on paper and rate it accordingly.

So yeah, I did not enjoy this book.  That’s right.  For the first time I did not completely enjoy a John Goode book.  It tears me up writing this because I know how much these characters and this series mean to him and to all of us.  Unfortunately there was too much in this book that just bothered me. I am not about to go into details or spoil anything for anyone or push my opinions of why onto others.  Everyone reads things differently in a book.  Everyone has a future in mind for the characters in their head and as much as we enjoy reading the words of the person who created these characters, sometimes the vision and the future you create in your own head is easier to accept.

I realize I am in the minority here on this one but it just shows me more than ever how different stories can be perceived and that the only person to truly read the book that was written is the author.

John, I love your writing and you know that Brad and Kyle hold a special place in my heart and in the heart of my daughter. They always will.  Hate this one didn’t work for me, but perhaps one day it will work for Haley.