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Crossroads - Riley Hart 4.5 Stars

Ummm...Yeah I know I'm in the minority here but I've come to the realization that Sean Crisden's voice and my ears no likey each other.  Perhaps after Iggy Toma, Michael Lesley and JF Harding my ears have gotten particular. Too bad really. 

Stopped audiobook at 2%. 


Well…these boys certainly won their golden ticket…

I swear…these boys were like kids in a candy store with each other.
Double GFY…Friends to Lovers…both POV’s…oh my…

I absolutely loved these two together.  Their discovery of each other was so honest, awkward, and yes…KINKY.  These boys did their research…and yes these even included discussions about prepping themselves for sex.  And while not detailed it was good to hear it discussed not to mention the honest discussions about condom use, test results, and use of LUBE!!  Yeah!!!  After several books lately where none of this seemed to matter, I was so pleased to see it all discussed and in a matter fitting these two horny men. And yet at times things didn’t go as planned…things weren’t easy and so yeah, they had to work at it.  But boy did they have fun together…

HAHAHA!! This just cracked me up…how could I not include this gif…and yes there was plenty of this. These dirty talkers...whew!!

Now as for angst…personally I felt none…but there was a little family drama.  Honestly nothing too terrible.  Now that doesn’t mean that Nick’s mother did not need to join dear Veruca…

…the bitch.  Lord she needs to head on back to 1955 where she belongs.

Jamie and Christi stood out for me as just fucking awesome supportive loved ones who immediately noticed how they looked at each other, how much they care for each other and how much they both needed each other.
The writing and relationship development was wonderful…however not as good as Broken Pieces for me.  This is only my second Riley Hart book, so that is all I can compare it too.  But I adored how they found comfort with their relationship first and foremost and everyone else could get on board or fuck off.  As it should be.
All they wanted to do was be in a relationship with each other. Why did they have to wait for people to come around, or need other people to support them?
The only thing that should matter was the fact that they cared about each other. End of story.