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Half the World (Shattered Sea)

Half the World (Shattered Sea) - Joe Abercrombie BR with Momo...what a ride!

Damn...there is nothing better than a sequel that meets every expectation and then some. "Half a King" was at the top of my lists in 2014 and now "Half the World" has landed in the tops for 2015.  With the conclusion only a few months away, I'm...

...a little excited.

This book changes gears a bit.  We are introduced to two new POVs and MCs.  Honestly I was not expecting that at all.  But Thorn and Brand were just the perfect combination of "War" and "Peace", each with their own issues, their own strengths and their own...yes weaknesses...which will bloody damn drive you crazy...but they are perfectly played out.


He strives to be good amidst this world of war...but he's courageous, well respected, admired, and still a damn strong man and fighter. I do hope he changes his mind on a proposition made to him at the end of the book...what a powerhouse these two could be.

Now no true image is possible other than this awesome rendering of this character.  Yes, she's infuriating at times but her growth and development as a Warrior is pretty amazing.  

Skifr...the trainor...yeah not much can be said over this masterful "grandmother" with an ax.  Wow...this woman holds nothing back!

She didn’t even gasp when Skifr darted out a hand and cuffed her across the cheek.
She was getting used to it. 

"You will be struck, and when you are, the force of it must not stagger you, the pain of it must not slow you, the shock of it must not cause you to doubt. You must learn to strike without pity. You must learn to be struck without fear.” Skifr lowered the oar so that the blade hovered near Thorn’s chest. “Though I advise you to get out of the way. If you can.”

(now Father Yarvi) is still just as cunning and masterful as ever!  Working and manipulating at every turn.  Spouting his amazing words of wisdom, guiding and forever loyal and what I love is that not everything goes according to plan. Plans change, new enemies and threats appear and he forges on.  As in Half a King there's the forging of friendships upon a boat and the return of some truly memorable characters including Rulf and Sumael.  So many other new characters, new settings and a setup for what could be a remarkable takedown of a few crazy bitches.  Oooohhhh I can hardly wait to see where this goes next. 

This series is just brilliant...my copy is yellow with highlights. Highly recommended.