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Signs - Anna  Martin Unfortunately I never wrote a review for what I remember to be a fabulous book. 4.5 Stars. Guess a reread is in order...until then see my Status Updates below.

Feathered neatly with his deafness were layers of social anxiety Caleb had spent most of his teenage years battling. In twelve years he hadn’t attempted any kind of speech. The beautiful range of body and facial expressions that characterized ASL didn’t come naturally to him, and his reluctance to show his emotions on his face, as well as with his hands, eventually alienated him from his deaf friends. He just wanted to be like everyone else, not in some school where his signing, lacking in expression and emotion, was more difficult for his peers to understand.

Since he’d sent the last message to Luc-le-Beau he didn’t want to be the one to send the next one, even though their last exchange was a good-night. He didn’t want to look desperate.
This is so accurate.

Out of everyone, Caleb thought he could confide in Marshall about this burgeoning relationship. Despite Marshall being married—to a woman—he was cool. He liked Neil Patrick Harris in the opening number at the Tonys. Then again, who didn’t.

Yeah...who didn't??

After being nudged onto his back, Caleb wrapped his arm around Luc’s shoulder, secretly pleased with how neatly they fit together. Luc nuzzled into his chest, pressed a loose kiss to his skin, and then his whole body sighed and relaxed. It was adorable.

Luc: I trust you, you know? I wanted to wait until I could be with someone who was going to take care of me.
Caleb: I’ll do that.

“Sometimes all you need in life is that one really bright thing, you know? A beautiful person who makes getting up in the morning totally worthwhile.”
Caleb smiled and touched his fingers to the screen. Luc did the same, as if they could reach through their computers and just feel the simple reassurance of skin next to skin.


“I love you,” Luc choked, his voice catching and breaking. “I love you.”
Caleb held on tight and heard nothing.

Gaaaaah. *dying*

“Caleb,” Luc moaned, liking the way the word sounded when he was this turned on, when Caleb was making him feel this way. The fact that Caleb couldn’t hear him didn’t matter. The way Caleb kissed his own name off Luc’s lips did.

Then he stretched out his index and pinkie finger and thumb, pressing them against the flat of Caleb’s hand.
It was the shorthand ASL sign for “I love you.”
He felt Caleb tremble lightly underneath him, soft lips brushing over his hair. Then the unthinkable.
"I love you,” Caleb croaked.
It was the most perfect thing Luc had ever heard. Overwhelmed, he held on tight and let himself fall asleep in Caleb’s arms.

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