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30 Day Book Challenge-Day 12

Dark Places - Gillian Flynn

The Challenge is on!  Basing my responses on my last year of reading...since I have a good record of those. The mind is not what it used to be! So...


DAY 12 - A book you love but hate at the same time


I am so torn over Gillian Flynn's books.  I love her writing style and how she lays out the stories she creates.  Gone Girl was a total surprise and was the first of her books I read.  I followed this with Dark Places.  This story was so uncomfortable that mentally I was just depressed after reading it. I have had Sharp Objects on my "Want to Read" list for a while and just cannot seem to make myself go there yet.


Will be interesting to see how the screen deals with these adaptations.  So much of the awe of these books is the way the story unfolds...the editing will be key in capturing this correctly.  Will I see them...of course!!