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30 Day Book Challenge-Day 22

Quintana of Charyn  - Melina Marchetta

The Challenge is on!  Basing my responses on my last year of reading...since I have a good record of those. The mind is not what it used to be! So...


DAY 22 - A book that makes you cry


Gosh...do I love this series or what?? I think I have mentioned this probably 4 times in the first 22 days of this challenge.


There are so many scenes of this book that left me in tears.  The scenes with Quintana and Froi were long awaited and the reunion of these characters was heart melting. For me it was the culmination of all these "family" relationships that left me longing for more as this story came to a close. This story truly captured the power of love for me and I just could not get enough.