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Rating Struggle

Making Faces - Amy Harmon The Emperor's Blades - Brian Staveley Red Rising - Pierce Brown

Over the last few months I have been fortunate enough to trust my fellow readers or by some strange luck just stumbled into some of the best books I have ever read.  These books have made me question and doubt every other book I have read and the ratings I have given them. What is happening to me that I doubt myself and ultimately find myself wanting to go back and adjust former ratings?  At this point, my ratings have been based solely on enjoyment of the book.  But when you read a book that is just mindblowingly good, you start to wonder how it could rank the same?  Should others you just loved really be a 4?  Or should you just create your own "6 star" rating for books such as these??  What is a reader to do?


The first of these reads is "Making Faces", by Amy Harmon.  Honestly I am not sure how I even came across this book but I am glad I did.  This book lives up to the hype (nearly all 5 star ratings) and is just one of the most beautiful stories of "true" love I have come across.  I cannot recommend this book enough!


The second is "The Emperor's Blades" by Brian Staveley.  A debut novel that is crazy good. Amazingly written, this story and its characters are developed so fantastically that their continued journey will be a force to be reckoned with.


And finally... "Red Rising" by Pierce Brown, has made me realize how much better this dystopian book is from those it is shelved beside.  There is really no comparison.  While at this point I am only about 40% in, it already will be a hard sell for it not to land in the 6 star category for me.