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Charming? Yes!

Cinder  - Marissa Meyer

Aaaaaahhhhhhhh!!! OK - so yes...this is the retelling of the Cinderella story that I would imagine most readers are familiar with. I am not a writer but I have to think taking on the classic Cinderella story would be difficult. Can you keep your reader engaged enough in the story that they do not become bored? Can you bring in elements they are familiar with but mesh those with Cyborgs and Androids (yes I said Cyborgs and Androids) and make it believable and still carry forth the charm that every girl loves? Can your reader become engaged enough that they are up at 1 AM eagerly flipping pages? For me, the answer is yes! Am I giddy like a 7 year old...yes! Am I longing for the Prince and Cinder to reunite...yes!! Do I hope the wicked stepmother and the equally wicked "queen" get what is coming to them...yes! Similar to my feelings for "Of Beast and Beauty", I was captivated from the start. In the back of my head I knew the underlying story, the what next...the stepsisters, the ball, the slipper, and while this retelling captures all those fabulous characters and moments, I was still drawn into the story and it's many differences. Yes, the Prince...God love him...is Charming! I loved his character and his pursuit of the equally charming and fascinating character of our dear Cinder is so heartwarming.


Thank you to my fellow readers on Goodreads for turning me on to this one and I am even more thrilled that I do not have to wait to move onto other books in this series. I have no doubt I will gobble the series up and within a couple of weeks be eagerly awaiting 2015 for "Winter" to arrive.