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Continued Goodness!

Cress - Marissa Meyer

Where to even begin...I failed to write a review of Scarlet, for no other reason than I simply had to get my hands on this book! I also was able to get my hands on 2 of the 3 novellas (Glitches and The Queen's Army), both of which are worth reading before Cress. Now I just need to find the Little Android. 

This story continues with all the qualities I have loved in the previous books. While the fairy tale elements are present they have definitely take more of a backseat as the story grows and develops and I continue to be trapped in a state of AAAAHH moments, jaw dropping moments and heart racing moments. Ultimately this book is all about these fabulous characters. The plus for me with a series (when done as well as MM has done here) is that we know these characters already and their actions and emotions affect us all the more strongly. While Cress is new here (only slightly introduced in Cinder), she arrives on the scene and is immediately loved. Overall, our beloved characters are just familiar and grow naturally. MM does a remarkable job with the wit, humor and banter that comes from our characters in a way that seems real without being cliche or cheesy. This review could include some of my favorite lines in this book, but I am sure copying entire chapters into this review would be frowned upon...just read it already! :)

First off, our lovely Cinder, while strong, clearly is struggling with her abilities and how using those abilities will affect herself moving forward. Ultimately I believe in her and buy the doubts and her emotional fear that she will turn into the evil Levana. She is developing into a such a leader and gaining the well deserved respect of her comrades. I love her relationship with Wolf and Thorne, who I really see as her brothers at this point and their love for each other, while not stated is felt. 

Kai, while not present for much of the book, starts to come around, although I have to admit his scenes frustrated me the most. I love Kai, but get a grip boy...put on your big boy britches and let's go! Ultimately the combination of his attributes with Cinder will be powerful!

Wolf, while still strong, is just a lost puppy in this one and I love it! I love strong men who can be emotional wrecks at the same time. While he has gained the trust of those around him, I love that they understand that he is this ticking timebomb who may need to be taken down at any moment and while they love him, they are not afraid to do so.

I am just not sure what to think about sweet Scarlet. I feel for her and am just at a loss for words over her situation. But Scarlet, like Cinder is strong and will persevere.

Iko, God love her! She is just about the cutest thing ever! I just do not even know what to say about her. The reaction to her gift was priceless! 

As I mentioned, Cress is our new princess of sorts, and enters the story in a way that we feel like she has been with us all along. She is just a true beauty and romantic. The fairy tale for her has been in her head for so long, longing for her prince to arrive and save her. 

"Because if there was one thing Cress knew about heroes, it as that they could not resist a damsel in distress."

She played the damsel in distress well (in her head) but the turn of events flips that story on it's head. And then there is Thor...

Oh...did I say Thor, I mean Thorne! :D Geez how could you not love this guy!!! He is charming, whitty, bashful, heroic and just all around fabulous and by far he has some of the best lines in the book. I love how his condition fails to distract him from being the guy he has always been and his relationship with Cress is just...well...

And finally, I loved being introduced to who I can only assume to be Snow White (aka Winter) and her prince charming, Jacin. While we only get glimpses of Winter, her character is strong and charmingly nuts and her relationship with Scarlet is one I am eager to see developed further. I also loved Jacin's interactions with Cinder...and the unveiling of her identity to him is quite interesting....hmmmm.

I have heard that Winter is expected to be a long book and as far as I am concerned the conclusion to this series could not be long enough...bring on that 1000 page read!

On a side note, my daughter (who is 13) purchased Cinder last night! I am so excited for her to read these! :D