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End of the Innocence

End of the Innocence - John  Goode This book continues on the emotional and heartfelt journey of Brad and Kyle. These boys are just altogether wonderful and not only beautiful on the outside but equally so on the inside. And John Goode's visual images could not be more perfect.



While the beauty of their love is an important aspect of the book, I completely loved the relationships they shared with several other characters. Jennifer, in particular, absolutely shined for me in this.

“But I can see when he smiles at you how much he loves you. The first time I saw it, I sat there and thought to myself, ‘Oh, that’s real emotion. Why didn’t I see that before?’ It was like seeing a whole other person.”

She became such an accepting force based on the love she saw expressed between these two people. How could anyone be denied such love?

Gayle was an absolute rock star!!

"This diner is a place couples have come and eaten since before most of you were born. I have never once stopped a couple from stealing a kiss now and then, and I am not going to start now."

This book is painstakingly accurate to the point that honestly this could be a work of non-fiction. While there may be no actual Brad and Kyle in this small town in Texas, there are still Brads and Kyles all over this world experiencing similar issues. JG has brought forth situations and instances of cruelty and hatred that have happened and continue to happen. “Straight Camps” exist and even The Texas Republican Party (like other places in this world) have endorsed so called “reparative therapy” for gays…supporting psychological treatments that seek to turn gay people straight. What??? This is so wrong on so many levels. Sending your child off to cure them instead of loving and accepting them as the beautiful person God made them to be, is just so hard for me to understand. How cruelty and hatred mixed with quoting scripture can even be put in the same context, when Jesus himself was a loving compassionate person to all…he died for all of us. While there are still many areas in this country (and in this world) who will continue to see homosexuality as a plague and a sin, I have to believe that we are making great strides towards acceptance. There however will always be that person, that place or that belief that homosexuality is wrong. Hell, there are places in the south where the KKK still exists and yet we have a black president. No one could have imagined that to happen even 20 years ago, and yet it has happened. Baby steps. I just hope and pray that love will prevail and that kids get the support they need to live life free to love who they choose and find their own super hero/personal God to get them through another day. The future is brighter.


I will close with one of my favorite passages...

"My sorrow was now mixed with absolute and complete awe of the guy in front of me. There was Wayne's World "I am not worthy" and then there was actual truth that the person you are with is so out of your league, that every day with them is a fucking gift from God."