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Take - Ella Frank 4.5 stars

I will first say that if you loved [b:Try|17798649|Try (Temptation, #1)|Ella Frank|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1375230186s/17798649.jpg|24898058] then you are bound to love this. These gorgeous men captured my fancy last year, no doubt, and certainly my love for them only grew in this continued story. The first is all about the hunt, the fascination of the capture. While this second installment has equal amounts of hot scenes, the emotional connection developing between these two is just beautiful. Tate, while he experiences some hateful interactions by those he thought loved him, his overall character changes little. He is still strong and equally confident in his choices. Logan however...wow. His barriers begin to crumble and his change is just heartwarming. These two kept me thoroughly entertained.

My only negative would be that the sex, while certainly hot, became repetitive and several scenes could have been eliminated for a few more heart to heart scenes. I love a good hand holding.


And that last scene...gaaaahhh...it could have been pages longer!!