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Rebel Heart

Rebel Heart - Moira Young OK so Andrew and I were absolutely hooked on this book! Honestly, the first one, in this series was good but there really was very little in terms of intensity and some of the deaths seemed forced and an afterthought honestly. The writing however made the first one a 4 star read, otherwise a 3 star it would have received.

This second installment however was a kick into overdrive. The writing continues on a high note but the character development, and WTF moments rocked this read for me! I am still in recovery mode and anxiously awaiting the continuation (which is only a few hours away).

Definitely not a book to spoil with too much detail so I will just leave with this...if you have even considered reading this, do yourself a favor and start it NOW. The best part is that the entire trilogy is out! For me, this is a saving grace...I cannot imagine had I had to wait months for the continuation.