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The Tent

The Tent - Kealan Patrick Burke BR with Kat and Anasylvia. Another fantastic read ladies!

What do I say?

First off, I am more convinced than ever that Burke's writing is bloody brilliant.

Secondly, I love being caught off guard by a story that is NOTHING like I was expecting! This is not your typical camping gone wrong story with some crazy in a tent and a switchblade..so be prepared!

And lastly...two words..."Owl Pellet". Yep...you heard me. Intrigued? Just wait. While the story has a slow build, once we are introduced to the Tent, Burke's descriptions take over the mind and stomach.


Disgusted and fascinated...I need more! Next up for us, [b:The Turtle Boy|1414451|The Turtle Boy (Timmy Quinn #1)|Kealan Patrick Burke|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1378505973s/1414451.jpg|1404795].