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Breakable - Tammara Webber HMMMM what to think about this one. Overall, I have to say for Tammara Webber to take this on is quite a task. As a reader of alternate POVs I love getting some alternative perspective, seeing into the head of a character who I was not given the opportunity previously. The snippets we have gotten of Four for example (Divergent) have been fantastic. But these were given in small doses. To take on a full on book, is another challenge all together and one that I just do not think worked here.

Breakable is essentially two stories. We have the Landon Story (pre Jacqueline) and we have the Lucas Story. I really enjoyed the Landon story, loved getting more history on his life in high school, his relationship with his dad, etc. At the same time, it alternated to the Lucas story, which at times did nothing for me. Having a scene in which he is expressing his love to a girl in High School married alongside a scene with Jacqueline just did not work for me at all.

So yes, I knew before hand that this was in part a "retelling" and overall these retold scenes with Landon/Lucas and Jacqueline were really less than 50% of the book for sure. There were new scenes which I enjoyed but it was the retelling scenes where I was just left feeling nothing. This is again the challenge. Do you retell the scene exactly and risk boring your reader? Or do you skim over parts of the conversation and loose your reader on the intimacy and sexual tension that was so felt in Easy. Well TW took door number 2. I get it, we don't want to hear the same dialog but at the same time to get next to no dialog from Jacqueline in some scenes just lost me on their relationship all together. There were some scenes too that I felt deserved a full retelling and others could have been skipped altogether...the scenes learning self defense, while important, did not need retelling. I was bored. I also think these books could have been combined or Lucas/Landon's story could have been first.

So overall, I have said this before, I love Lucas, he is a complex character who had to deal with a lot of shit. His Landon side of the story kept this book from getting a 2 from me.

And while some people may love this...Lucas getting a damn tongue piercing on the last page, almost lost it for me all together. GAG!

Worth the read but just be prepared.