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Mine Till Midnight

Mine Till Midnight - Lisa Kleypas Ok so when a fellow Goodreads friend includes a pic of a cute bunny amidst "cocaine", who wouldn't be tempted?? As expected, I came to understand the addiction.

I loved every moment of this book and instantly was taken in by our crazy Hathaways and I am overjoyed to see that I could consume this entire series and not have to wait for future releases. As with many series I find myself consumed by the leads of the first story and grow anxious when I learn that future installments are about others. Will I become as mesmerized by these other characters as I have with Rohan and Amelia? How could I not??? For one of the first times I am content with their story and just want more of the others. Kiv and Win especially and even the other Hathaways are so endearing that you just want MORE and MORE. Frost however could be consumed by the bees for all I care.

I am somewhat saddened however not to see a .5 in the mix. I would love more of Leo and Laura's love affair. Perhaps I will be treated to more of this in other ways.

This is an all consuming read which I will continue In the weeks ahead. But first I must capture some "Dreams" elsewhere!