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Taking Chances

Taking Chances - John  Goode BR with Elsbeth and Susan.

Pre-read notes...review below.

Gearing up and mentally preparing myself for more beautiful writing from John Goode!

But these established visuals should help! Thanks Marco and John!



I am utterly speechless once again. While Taking Chances takes place alongside the events of [b:End of the Innocence|16145072|End of the Innocence (Tales from Foster High, #4)|John Goode|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1352714749s/16145072.jpg|21978061], I read this book following [b:151 Days|20342133|151 Days (Tales from Foster High, #5)|John Goode|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1391354890s/20342133.jpg|28311780] (the last book in the Tale of Foster High series). Honestly I am not sure either truly matters but I have to say that knowing certain events and discussions that were held in 151 Days, only made me enjoy Matt and Tyler's journey even more. These two, for me, are Brad and Kyle...but who's relationship is told as a far different journey; as they come to understand and accept who they are and what will make them truly happy, much later in life. Once again, a beautifully written novel that will forever live in my heart.

In addition to our beautiful men, shown above, my heart came to pieces by the love expressed by the fathers to these two amazing men. Just pure love for these two parental role models. <3<br/>
I have heard John is working on more beautiful stories, but until then I will settle for preview snippets and many rereads of this series and try to hold it together in the process.